Submission Requirements

Below is a short list of the things we expect you to submit.


Product Video - 2 mins

This should consist of a short video showing your project. There’s no need for an Oscar winning performance, we want to see great design engineers not actors! You can use this as an opportunity to talk through or demonstrate how your product works, and how you solved the problem outlined in your design brief. This can be done with a smart phone – so don’t be shy!

Try to include the following in your video:

What problem were you trying to solve? 

Concisely describe the problem you are trying to solve and why you believe that solving it is so important.

How did you solve the problem? 

Summarise the design process you went through to reach your final product solution.

We want to hear about any part of this you deemed important- this could include initial concept sketches, prototype models, concept selection processes, engineering analysis, testing and more! Have a look at our judging criteria to find out what we are looking for.

What would you do if you had more time/ resource? 

No product is perfect and no one has an unlimited amount of time or resource. What would you do next to further improve your design?


Project Summary

Project title 

What are you going to call your product?

Additional information (400 Words Max)

If you forgot to add anything to your video don’t worry, you can submit up to 400 words to clarify or add any detail as you see fit. We will primarily be judging the video so if you have covered everything there you don’t need to add anything here.