Below is a short list of the things we expect you to submit.


Project Summary (500 words)

A concise summary of your project, what problems it solves and how it solves them. Explain any technologies used, and the development, testing and evaluation process you took. When our judges read this, they should be excited and want to see more of your project.

Product Images

 A maximum of 10 jpeg images of your project. These can include sketches, development work, CAD, testing, and photos of your finished product or any other images you think are appropriate for your entry.

Your images shouldn’t include text as the primary focus – bullet points and annotations are fine, but include your written explanation in the 500 word part of your submission.


Product Video - 2 mins (optional)

This part of the submission is optional, but will help our judges understand more about your project. This should consist of a short video showing your project. There’s no need for an Oscar winning performance, we want to see great Design Engineers not actors! You can use this as an opportunity to talk through or demonstrate how your product works, and how you solved the problem outlined in your design brief. This can be done with a smart phone – so don’t be shy!

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