Alex Twist

Engineering is a career that sadly so many people know so little about. In setting up the Triumph Design Awards, my aim is to demonstrate that Engineering is an exciting and rewarding career which gives endless opportunities to solve the world’s great problems and make life better for everyone. By showcasing our nation’s most innovative young Engineers, their schools, and their projects at a national level I aspire to challenge some of the common misconceptions and show the world what Engineering is really all about. If we are to meet the needs and demands of an ever more advanced society, everyone needs to step up and contribute. Teachers, parents, students and businesses. This is me doing my bit.

Stephanie Morton

I got involved with the TDA to encourage more people, from all backgrounds, to consider a career in engineering. The TDA provides a great opportunity for students to showcase their fantastic projects!

Lisa Bates

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Marisa Kurimbokus

I wanted to become an engineer in order to make the world a better place, and to influence our future. However, breaking into an industry where you have no contacts and no support was a tricky and daunting task for me. Competitions like the Triumph Design Awards gives students that break – a chance to see that the skills and knowledge they learn in school can be directly applied to a real, challenging and exciting career. If I could introduce just one new person to engineering and enthuse them to pursue a career in the industry, then I’d consider my time on the Triumph Design awards committee as time well spent.

Alex Papadopoulos

I joined the Triumph Design Awards team because I’m passionate about encouraging the next generation of engineers. I love seeing creative solutions to real world problems and I also love meeting the people that came up with them.