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Liam Culbertson

So why is my product so brilliant?

When I first heard about the Triumph Design Awards and the format that the competition took, I immediately hoped that there would be a design brief that would suit me and the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repeat’ option, which I subsequently chose to do, certainly did! With this immediate surge of motivation a flood of ideas went through my mind and I was eager to start. In my opinion this is why I was so motivated throughout the whole project.

My final product, the lamp made from a disk brake, a piston head and a suspension shock along with other manufactured parts is adjustable in three different points to increase the angle choices available from it and has a switch incorporated into the wire, rather than simply at the socket to improve its ergonomic friendliness. The lower section of the lamp has been powder coated red and the upper section black, with the suspension shock, the focal point of the lamp, left chromed to retain some of the rustic look.

I recognise that the ‘H’ frame used to connect the upper arm to the suspension shock isn’t perfect but I have a range of modification ideas that would improve it, along with the rest of the lamp if it were taken further.

Previous to the project being proposed to me I had watched a documentary, by Kevin McCloud about the transformation of a plane and its individual parts into different products such as chairs, tables and most importantly lamps. I realised once I had chosen to take up this design brief the scope of possibilities that I had in the box of motorbike parts in front of me, but the lamp was always in the back of my mind and this was subsequently taken into my project and developed.

However, prior to this I looked at the individual bike parts and what they could be transformed into and produced some initial sketches, to gauge what designs were viable and which ones weren’t. After this came the initial designs, two of which were then developed, but with one developed in much more detail once I realised that it was the one I was going to finally manufacture. Throughout this process I completed many different models, 3D printed, cut from high density foam and metal so that the final design would be one of high quality. Then, the final stage. Manufacturing. Throughout this I made sure everything was finished to high levels of precision which resulted in the product you are judging.

So how does this meet the brief? My product shows just one idea, out of a whole range of possibilities available with the waste materials and pieces you produce. ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repeat’ was all about reducing your waste and managing your impacts on the environment and already, three different types of throwaway pieces you produce have been taken care of, with a further opportunity to generate added revenue from selling these as Triumph produce.