If I can't submit my project until the coursework re-marking period for has ended, how can I enter?

There have been a number of questions surrounding the exam board’s regulations and sharing student’s work. We have spoken to the exam boards to understand what their regulations are, and to confirm that the competition is run in line with their requirements.

At no point in the competition do the Triumph Design Awards seek to retain, take ownership of or seek publicity from pupils work. Should pupils wish to bring coursework or portfolios to the finals, they will be required to take care of their work and take it back with them on the day. Some Awarding Organisations require coursework to be kept secure and untampered before the end of the remarking period. The Triumph Design Awards do not breach any of these requirements, but please check with your specific Awarding Organisation if you have any queries, as the teacher will have a responsibility for the pupil’s work.

I’m busy revising for my exams, I don’t have time to enter. What should I do?

Entering the Triumph Design Awards can take as little as 5 minutes. We can assure you that all of the hard work has been done already. Simply recording a video and writing some optional text need not put you off entering.

Why should I enter?

Entering, and becoming a finalist will give you an amazing opportunity to discuss your project with industry leading experts in the field of design and engineering. This is a fantastic experience that will really put you head and shoulders above the crowd in future job applications, UCAS applications or your CV. Remember – you are the expert of your design, and our judges can’t wait to learn more about it. They want you to succeed – that’s what our competition is all about. Even if you don’t win the top prize, there are still lots more prizes to be won for a whole range of categories.

Is there a limit to how many submissions a school can make?

Nope, there’s no limit. Any number of pupils from a school/ college/ academy can enter.

Is it acceptable to bring prototype models rather than finished products to the awards day?

Yes, we understand that certainly at GCSE it’s common practice to make prototypes. Any models that judges can get their hands on are a bonus and will help to display how the judging criteria have been met.

How many finalists will there be at the awards day?

We invite finalists based on project quality, and not simply to an exact number. There will be in the region of 25 finalists.

At the awards day, will pupils be able to ask questions to judges and engineers?

Yes definitely. There will be a range of engineers helping out at the awards day, as well as the judges themselves. This is a great opportunity to discuss ideas, ask any questions, and display your passion for engineering.

Does the project have to be related to motorcycles?

No. The brief is open and we encourage a whole variety of projects.

Can a school from anywhere in the UK enter?

Yes, it’s a national competition. The only prerequisite is that you can attend the awards day at Triumph Hinckley HQ in July.

Cant find the information you are looking for?

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