I can't submit my project until the re-marking period for my coursework has ended.

There have been a number of questions surrounding the exam board’s regulations and sharing student’s work. We have spoken to the exam boards to understand what their regulations are, and to confirm that the competition is run in line with their requirements.

At no point in the competition do the Triumph Design Awards seek to retain, take ownership of or seek publicity from your student’s work. Should your students wish to bring their coursework or portfolios to the finals, they will be required to take care of their work and take it back with them on the day. Some Awarding Organisations require coursework to be kept secure and untampered before the end of the remarking period. The Triumph Design Awards do not breach any of these requirements, but please check with your specific Awarding Organisation if you have any queries, as the teacher will have a responsibility for the student’s work.

I’m busy revising for my exams, I don’t have time to enter.

Entering the Triumph Design Awards can take as little as 5 minutes. I can assure you that all of the hard work has been done already. Just take photos with your phone, write a maximum of 500 words about your project (you can probably copy and paste much of this from your design folio). The video element of the submission is entirely optional and you will not be penalised for not having a video.

My project doesn’t fit within Triumph brief.

Our brief was designed to give some inspiration at the start of your project. We kept the open brief so that absolutely any project can be entered. Whilst we mention the requirement for a mechanical/electrical element, this is only a desirable trait. Remember, even a chair requires structural consideration. If you have considered what materials you would use based on the function of your project, you’ve done what we’re looking for! If you’ve done more than that, through testing or benchmarking other designs – all the better. Project entries so far include – multifunctional furniture, innovative bird feeders, camera mounts, car theft prevention concepts, architectural kitchen design for the elderly. Sound familiar? Don’t miss out – enter your project too!

Why should I enter?

Entering, and becoming a finalist will give you an amazing opportunity to discuss your project with industry leading experts in the field of Design and Engineering. This is a fantastic experience that will really put you head and shoulders above the crowd in future job applications, UCAS applications or your CV. Remember – you are the expert of your design, and our judges can’t wait to learn more about it. They want you to succeed – that’s what our competition is all about. Even if you don’t win the top prize, there are still lots more prizes to be won for a whole range of categories including innovation, impact on society and committee.

My controlled coursework project is in .pdf format, the submission page is asking for .jpegs

All our judges want is to get a flavour for your project. You will have plenty of opportunity to explain your project in greater depth, and talk through your printed or hand written folio in person at our grand final. Why not take some print screen snapshots, or use your mobile phone to show us what you’ve been up to? Photos of your finished project, any testing you have done, prototyping, evaluating and even sketch and CAD work would be ideal.

Cant find the information you are looking for?

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