Triumph Design Awards

2022 Awards now complete. 2023 Awards details to follow.
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Awards Overview

The Triumph Design Awards is a national design, technology and engineering competition for pupils aged 14-18 years.

Celebrating outstanding and high calibre entries since 2015, we’re excited to announce the expansion of TDA for 2022.

The competition is split into 2x Age Classifications:

– GCSE competition. For pupils aged 14-16 years old.
– A-Level competition. For pupils aged 16-18 years old.

Now even more pupils can enter, and there’s even more prizes on offer! Entrants are encouraged to submit their major coursework project from a relevant D&T or Engineering subject, although extra-curricular projects are also welcome.

Inspiring Future Engineers

The Triumph Design Awards promotes and recognises the talent of pupils to solve real world problems with innovative and creative thinking. We hope to help young design engineers to develop their potential whilst demonstrating how engineering is an exciting and useful career that has helped shape the world we know.

Your Challenge

Entry couldn’t be simpler. If you’re well underway with your Design and Technology coursework, then you’re already utilising your engineering skills. Simply take a look at the Brief, and have a read of the Submission Requirements to see how you can enter your project.


The Brief

Reasearch and identify a real world problem of your choice


Submission Requirements

What do you need to submit to enter the competition?

Judging Criteria

Find out what our judges are looking for