2019 – 2020 Committee


Senior Design Engineer

“I’m delighted to lead the team again this year! We’re seeing such a positive impact the competition has had on previous students & I’m very excited to launch our new competition. I hope by involving younger students, we can get them excited & inspired at an even earlier stage.”


Student Design Engineer

 “I had never heard of the Design Awards before starting here, but am amazed at what a great opportunity it is for young people. I am very glad to be part of the team this year, as the competition really displays the vast creativity in the next generation of engineers.”


Design Engineer

“The last 2 years I have been a presenter in the design to dealer presentation and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience being able to talk to the students about the day to day role of an engineer and answering any questions the students had. The Triumph Design Awards is an important event to open up the world of engineering to the students and highlight the practical applications of the subjects they’ve been taught in school.”


Design Engineer

“Engineering is inspiring, challenging and influential. Being able to encourage young Engineers of the future to innovate and to help provide a platform on which they can showcase their talents is extremely rewarding. I couldn’t wait to join the committee and be involved.”


Senior Design Engineer

“We live in an exciting era where we are on the brink of a technological revolution led by climate change. It is important for us to encourage the next generation to be at the engineering forefront and find innovative solutions relevant to the problems faced by the world.”


Project Engineer

“The Design Awards is a great opportunity, not only for Triumph to inspire young engineers, but for students to enthuse us. I feel very privileged to be part of this.”


Senior Design Engineer

“It is always incredibly rewarding to be part of TDA. I am impressed by the creativity and attention to detail on the projects that enter this competition. My aim is to encourage the next generation of inventors, artists and entrepreneurs to pursue engineering and help push the whole industry forward.”


Senior Engineer – Electrical Distribution Systems

“Having volunteered at the TDA last year I was very impressed by the creativity and initiative shown by all students involved. Their efforts have shown me what a person is really capable of when they apply themselves. I hope that I can play my part in providing the next generation of engineers and designers a platform in which to display their potential.”